Who let the dogs out?

Love fresh air and exercise? Tick. Love dogs? Tick. A beautiful sunny day? Tick. It seems everything was set fair for Dawid's trip to Many Tears Animal Rescue this week.

And what a rewarding trip it was. In the company of Team Leader Rhiannon Lloyd, Dawid was met at the reception area by lots of smiling, happy faces. We talked to several staff members, all of whom were super friendly and made us feel welcome and relaxed. Within a minute or two our car keys were swapped for two well behaved dogs on leads and off we went.

One of the many fab things about Many Tears is it's location. Whilst relatively close to the dual carriage way and so easy to get to, Many Tears is tucked away down a gently sloping country lane. The views during our walk were delightful and so we couldn't help stopping frequently to admire the vistas. The dogs were more than happy about this and were equally happy having their pictures taken, although it has to be said they were the ones who decided when we should turn back!

So with a happy heart, dogs and keys were exchanged and we carried on our day with a little skip in our step.

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