Ceiriosen Bren 2016 CSSIW Inspection Report

"Residents and their families can feel at ease that Ceiriosen Bren will provide safe accommodation where they can be supported with their personal development, enhancing their quality of life and wellbeing."

"We were told by a person’s relative that they regard the home as ‘fantastic’, that their son is supported to undertake activities. “It is a brilliant place, the environment is good. He has a large bedroom. My wife and I are very pleased. Staff are young and do things of his age group”. "

"Residents were aware of behavioural boundaries and this was seen to be reinforced by staff, thus enabling individuals to participate in social activities in the

Ceiriosen Bren Staff Satisfaction Survey 2017

A oes gennych unrhyw sylwadau y carech ei gwneud am eich swydd?
“Job can be challenging but I very much enjoy meeting the challenges”

A oes gennych unrhyw sylwadau parthed eich rheoaleth & arweinyddiaeth?
“New management structure and team leadership recently reaching targets and developing leadership for positive outcomes for service users.”

Beth ydy’r pethau yr ydych yn ei hoffi am weithio i ILS?
"Its integrity and commitment to its values and aims."

A oes gennych unrhyw syniadau sut y gallem wneud pethau’n well?
“Keep doing what you are doing.”
"Every day is different, even in a difficult day like a pile of coal there is always a diamond in there, always positive and a glimmer of hope and achievements."

Gelynnen 2016 CSSIW Inspection Report

"We saw people actively engaged in the wider community supported by staff, that promote independence and understand their individual needs."

"Staff have developed good relationships with people and are able to communicate using a range of communication methods. "

"Overall people are safe because they receive proactive preventative care, and their wide range of needs are anticipated."

Gelynnen Staff Satisfaction Survey 2017

A oes gennych unrhyw sylwadau yr hoffech ei gwneud parthed eich swydd?
“I really enjoy my job; each day is different and can be very rewarding.”

A oes gennych unrhyw sylwadau parthed eich tîm?
“They work really hard and pull together when times are tough. I have huge respect for the team at Gelynnen as it can be a very intense and challenging place to work.”

Ydych chi’n meddwl bod goruchwyliaeth o fudd?
“We can ask questions if unsure of anything, we can speak in confidentiality about queries or worries we may have.”

A oes gennych unrhyw sylwadau pellach parthed rheolaeth ac arweinyddiaeth?
“I have had some difficult times at home recently, due to my daughter’s health. Management have been incredibly understanding and supported me throughout – thankyou!”
“Management have gone above & beyond to support my return to work following maternity leave & ensure I have an excellent work/home balance.”

A ydych chi’n meddwl bod yr uwch reolwyr yn cyfathrebu’n dda gyda gweddill y sefydliad?
“From the bottom to the top everyone is approachable.”

Ty Pin Coed 2017 CSSIW Inspection Report

"People receive support from staff who are familiar with the needs and preferences of people living at the home and have a good level of training."

"We found that people’s individual choices, likes and dislikes were respected and that they were actively encouraged to engage in a range of activities."

"Based on our findings we believe people can be assured that they [residents of the home] have encouraging and positive relationships with the staff who support them"

Ty Pin Coed Staff Satisfaction Survey 2017

A oes gennych unrhyw sylwadau parthed eich tîm?
“The support and guidance from all staff is excellent.”

A oes gennych unrhyw sylwadau parthed eich hyfforddiant a datblygiad?
“I believe that training and development is of a high standard.”

A ydych chi’n meddwl bod goruchwyliaeth o gymorth?
“Gives clarity, offers support and highlights strengths and weaknesses.”

Pa bethau ydych chi’n hoffi am weithio i ILS?
"I find ILS is a very caring company not only for its service but for its staff. On many occasions has the company accommodated my personal needs and worked closely with myself.  Best job ever.  Great team, great SU’s, great company."
"The strict policies/procedures. The hands on approach of senior management.  The environment at TPC."

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