Searching for Words

Word Searches have always been a popular activity amongst the individuals we support. It's a fun way to spend leisure time and is a good activity to improve literacy skills.

Here at ILS we've always understood this and with the power of the internet at our disposal, it's not hard for our staff to visit a 'word search maker' website, bang in a dozen person centred words and quickly produce an appealing activity.

Today's activity went a little further. Under the watchful eye of our Life Skills Coordinator, Nick Hermann, Adrian was asked to think about words that describe himself. With contributions from house mates and staff too, a long list of words were produced; kind, thoughtful, sporty - to give you a flavour. These were then made into a giant A3 sized word search with a fab picture of Adrian superimposed. Needless to say Adrian loved it.

Happy Days!

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