Royal Approval

It's not everyday that the activities our service users pursue gets a royal visit. But that's exactly what happened this week.

John has consistently enjoyed carriage riding for many years with support from the Carmarthen Carriage Drivers group. They operate from the Carmarthen Showground during the warmer months of the year and John loves the experience. He gets to hold the reins and will often sing songs whilst plodding around the pretty showground. Add to this lots of friendly, like-minded people and you couldn't wish for a more positive couple of hours.

Therefore it was our pleasure to support the group as they helped celebrate 50 years of the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) by attending an RDA get-together at Pen Coed college, Bridgend. With volunteer  members from all over South Wales in attendance, it was a busy site and John did really well; being patient in the lunch queue and coping with throngs of excited people.

And so bang on time, HRH Princess Anne arrived and was treated to several horse displays. This included the Carmarthen Carriage Drivers who had three carriages in the ring, John included. Their display was given a warm reception and the history of the group was listened to with interest over the excellent PA system. The Princess Royal was then presented to key RDA individuals before doing a general meet and greet. Everyone enjoyed her obvious enthusiasm for the work of the RDA and it was clear she really enjoyed her visit. As did John, who was given a rosette to remember the day by.


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