Perfect Pumpkins

Trying to find seasonal activities in the community that are person centered and appropriate is not always straight forward. But the staff at our Pencader home struck gold this autumn, by arranging a visit to the Pembrokeshire Pumpkin Farm.

As you can tell from the photos, John and Amanda had a brilliant day. With wheelbarrows and trugs on hand, they had fun walking through the sunlit fields to find the perfect pumpkin. There was no shortage of candidates. From white polar bear pumpkins to funky munchkin pumpkins, they did well to make a choice. Indeed once selected, the hardest part was getting them back to the car. But with team-work and patience this was accomplished without issue. That left plenty of time to explore the rest of the farm. There was much to see... a woodland play area, a pumpkin barn with halloween grotto and vintage swingboats.

We hope the pumpkins were put to good use in the care setting. To find out, read our next blog....

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