Painting Pottery

The first thing you notice when you park up at Gwilli Pottery are the stunning views. We were really lucky to have chosen a sunny day to visit this charming location and the boys were happy to take in the vista for a few minutes and have their photos taken. A short walk up some steps takes you to a converted barn where, for an hour or so, JJ, Adrian, Julian and Nick forgot about everything and let their creative juices flow.

The boys had been before, so the familiarity of the setting, coupled with the wonderful hospitality offered by Sarah and Sian, meant everyone was instantly relaxed. Coffees all round was a lovely touch and allowed time to decide what to paint. JJ and Adrian have both had experience in making pottery items before but today was a pre-planned painting day and as such everything was organised. All the tubes of paint were ready at the table, the colour charts with their corresponding numbers were easy to use and there was lots of space in which to work. Both decided to do plates.

We were fortunate in having the place to ourselves so the banter flowed effortlessly and the boys got busy. Not that it felt like work and before long two lovely designs were being created. Sarah and Sian were happy to offer tips and advice as we went along and by the end of the session JJ and Adrian were very chuffed with their efforts. And rightly so; they both took real care and attention in their brush strokes.

We're now excited about going back in a week or so to collect the plates once they've been in the kiln for several days. We'll keep you posted!

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