Great Diversity

They say a picture says a thousand words. So with the Christmas season done for another year, we’ve been hoovering up photos from our phones. We’ll use these in a variety of ways, not least for our latest internal newsletter. Each residential service has a plethora of company-provided staff mobile phones. These are vital for […]

Getting Festive

With such a long lead up to Christmas, it gives us plenty of time to get creative and plan some cool activities. As you’d expect, there have been plenty of Christmas dinners to attend. We’ve having our own of course but have also been honoured to attend those organised by Carmarthenshire Peoples First and Mencap […]

Many Thanks

Finding the right mix of activities for our service users to do, is an essential part of providing a specialist service. For JJ, a weekly visit to Many Tears fits the bill perfectly. Many Tears Animal Rescue takes in and then rehomes dogs throughout the UK. A not-for-profit company, they are staffed by a wonderfully […]

Talking Shop

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how we aid our staff to communicate better with our service users. Today we carry on this theme but with a focus on how our staff communicate with themselves. All the evidence we have, suggests the better that staff communicate with each other, the better the […]

Singing Well

Well-being has become a bit of a thing in recent years. At ILS, we support our staff by running well-being courses (for those interested) and have a stack of well-being information and resources that forms part of our induction and on-going staff training. And for our service users, their well-being has always been a fundamental […]

A Ticket to Ride

Our support workers will spend a large part of their working time helping our individuals with day-to-day activities. So when a regular day-out is planned, it’s not just the service users who get excited. This week we followed support worker Tanya on a trip on the Vale of Rheidol Railway supporting John. As ever, lots […]

Communicating Clearly

This article shines a spotlight on total communication (TC), the approach we use to help our service users exchange information. Communicating is not just about speech. There are lots of different ways people can communicate, which is just as well because many people with learning disabilities may have difficulty in understanding and using speech. Using […]

Gold Standard

Examples of great care are often found when things don’t quite go to plan. And when the challenge is on, that’s when our staff really shine. This week support worker Aled Thomas was tasked with taking James to the National Trust’s Dolaucothi gold mines. Everything was set fair; the weather was good, James was cheerful […]

Beautiful Butterflies

It’s always good to have a plan B up your sleeve, especially if you’re relying on the weather. And so it was this week, with the cancellation of the annual Clynfyw cricket tournament due to all the rain. An unpredictable and changeable climate, therefore, was an excellent way to lead into today’s blog. All about […]

A Ray of Sunshine

When there are so few community opportunities for adults with learning difficulties who have completed full time education to do, the Dyma Ni project in Aberaeron fills the gap brilliantly. For two days a week, this outstanding project helps a number of our service users gain valuable life skills and broaden their social acumen. This […]