Many Thanks

Finding the right mix of activities for our service users to do, is an essential part of providing a specialist service. For JJ, a weekly visit to Many Tears fits the bill perfectly.

Many Tears Animal Rescue takes in and then rehomes dogs throughout the UK. A not-for-profit company, they are staffed by a wonderfully dedicated and friendly team which is obvious to see on arrival.

This week we arrived early, so had plenty of time to see staff members working their magic. Friendly and caring, they were more than happy to stop what they were doing to engage with us and let JJ pet some of the dogs that were passing through the reception area. Once car keys had been exchanged for leads, we were given two lovely dogs that JJ instantly took a shine to. That set the tone for a delightful hour or so.

One of the great things about the location of Many Tears, is the peaceful, rural feel. Whichever direction you decide to walk in, there's plenty to see and the dogs clearly love it too. They had lots of fun sniffing out the hedges and were very happy to stop to have their photo taken. With support worker and dog lover Lynette supporting JJ, we enjoyed lots of doggy conversation and it was clear that JJ was learning much as we went along.

'You're adorable' was JJ's genuine response to the growing bond that was developing between him and his four-legged charge. He was also aware that all the walking and fresh air was great for them both. And so at the end of our session, we all felt uplifted by the experience and we're already looking forward to next week. So if you fancy a visit, we highly recommend it. Many Tears deserves many thanks and we hope to have many more positive experiences with them.

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