Loveable Spuds

Several times a year we organise fun competitions between all our houses. This can be anything from predicting the winners of big sporting events to come dine with me. Around the early autumn we like to do a foody competition and this year's challenge was 'Best dressed/decorated potato'.

Once the posters had been put up on all our notice boards, the houses wasted no time in making their creations. Given that each entry is perishable, Nick was sent round the houses to photograph each one so that the judging could be done in early October. This proved to be a winning formula; the houses all had brilliant new additions to their kitchen window sills for a few weeks and every member of staff would have an opportunity, despite shifts and annual leave, to have a go if they desired.

We weren't disappointed. The quality and variety of creations was fantastic. So last week, whilst we had everyone gathered for JJ's birthday party at Ty Pin Coed, Ben Jones (ILS HR Director) very kindly (and bravely) came down to do the judging. And the winner was.... Gelynnen! Well done to Nina for painstakingly making a very colourful fish. Nina tells us that she's donated the first prize of a meal for two in Carmarthen's award winning Morgan's Chippy, to Gelynnen residents John and Rhodri. We hope you enjoy the meal chaps! Finally, with the standard being so high, next year we may have to consider having 25 runners up prizes.

Everyone who had a go, take a bow!

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