Litter Angels

If you've noticed less litter in Pencader recently, in part this is down to staff and service users from Gelynnen doing their bit to clean up the town.

A few months ago during a service user house meeting, it was discussed and agreed that we could make a positive contribution to our local community's appearance. So house manager Nicola Muxworthy got in touch with the Keep Wales Tidy Scheme and a few days later we took possession of the kit necessary to do litter picking. This entailed the litter picker itself as well as a handy hoop to collect the rubbish. Ever since, our service users have been making weekly trips around the town to pick up everything they can see. It's no exaggeration to say that each walk produces at least one full bin liner's worth of rubbish. This is everything you can imagine, from crisp packets and empty cans, to chewing gum and plastic bottles.

Although the weekly task tends to be weather dependent, Rhodri, Amanda and Callum have been consistent and unrelenting in their quest for a picture-perfect Pencader. So on behalf of everyone who walks the streets and lanes of Pencader - thank you!


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