It’s Spring

After what has seemed like an endless winter, spring is officially here. The clocks are going forward, the temperature is rising and our gardens are beginning to come alive again.

At our services, this means time to dust off the gardening tools. Many of our individuals have green fingers, so it doesn't take much persuasion to put on some appropriate clothing and begin tidying up after a winter that was full of memorable weather events. Like the individuals we support, each of our care settings' gardens is different and so a range of activities will be organised; from weeding the patio to planting. All activities will be risk assessed and always have the capabilities of the individual in mind. But whatever the task, we try and have fun to make the outcomes even more rewarding. For the rainy days at this time of year, we often play gardening pairs. It's one of our topical, custom-made card games that always gets the conversation flowing and helps us understand our service users preferences.

I wonder which service will have the first BBQ of the year?

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