Horsing Around

Trying out new experiences can sometimes be a hazardous and risky thing to do. But with our deep understanding of the service users we support, coupled with our experience in making sensible risk assessments, a trip to the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm this week turned out to be a wonderfully positive and rewarding experience.

We knew James likes horses, so it seemed a good place to go and we weren't disappointed. The site has an abundance of activities as well as horses to see and has genuinely caring and approachable staff. This set the tone for a truly memorable day. In the company of Team Leader Nina Rees and Life Skills Coach Nick Hermann, James had a great time, even surprising us along the way.

First up, we spent time with the horses. Shire horses have incredibly gentle personalities and were as warm and friendly as the staff. This allowed James to get up close and personal. He enjoyed petting them, be it in fields, paddocks or stables. The other farm animals were good to see too but the horses were definitely James's favourites.

One of the great things about the venue, was it's sheer diversity of activities. As you can see from the slideshow, James tried all sorts of things. We were really impressed with his courage in trying activities he'd never done before, such as the big slide and it was a job to get him to come off the go-karts, such was his enjoyment. The nature trail walk provided a lovely change of pace and the cafe didn't let us down with a large selection of home cooked food and drinks.

Armed with the informative maps and flyers, it was clear we weren't going to be able to do and experience everything on offer, so no doubt we'll go back again. It's something we'll look forward to. For anyone who's never been, we highly recommend a visit. A great place to horse around!

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