Halloween Party

Seasonal events play an important role in marking the passage of time at ILS and Halloween is one of our service users favourite times of year. With our Plwmp home being the biggest of our residential settings, it seemed a good place to play host for a party. And what a great job the staff and service users did! On setting foot inside the front door, there was a feast of iconic decorations from bats to gravestones and everything in between. Even the staircase (or should that be a 'scarecase') was decorated with cobwebs, spiders and ghosts.

An amazing spread of food was laid on too, all with Halloween in mind. Food colouring was added to custard, icing and even sandwiches to make them look yucky and the jelly puddings were made from spooky shapes. Not to mention the Halloween themed table clothes, napkins and plates. So the scene was set for a terrific party. We weren't disappointed.

It wasn't long before we had a house full of smiley, happy faces with plenty of great costumes and makeup on display. With a Halloween themed soundtrack playing in the background, some of our more daring service users and staff had a go at apple bobbing, whilst everyone enjoyed playing a Halloween 'pass-the-parcel'. One or two were brave enough to put their hand in a bowl of yuck to find the sweets and we also managed to squeeze in two competitions; best costume and best carved pumpkin. The standard was incredibly high and those that didn't win a prize on the day deserve a special well done. We hope everyone had as much fun in making them as we had in admiring them.

Next up, it'll be Christmas and plans are afoot to make it the best ever at ILS. Watch this space for updates...

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