Green Fingered Fun

Gardening, whilst not everybody's cup of tea, has been a brilliant activity for our service users during lockdown.

The benefits of gardening are well known; from boosting your mood and lowering stress levels, to improving self esteem and eating healthier. For service user Andy, it's been a great way to spend some time outdoors and gives a real sense of purpose. With the help from staff, and in particular Mark, the gardening project has brought to bare many skills. They've planned and bought all the raw materials like compost and pots, and even made their own planters in the garden. They then carefully germinated and planted out their seeds and bulbs.

So what did they plant? The window pots contain cucumbers - perfect for those summer salads. The outside pots are just starting to sprout sunflowers and bedding flowers, and in the garden beds there are potatoes, onions, spring onions, cauliflower and forget-me-knots for good measure. With the fine weather lately, watering has been an essential activity and this is always done with enthusiasm and good humour. We'll update this blog with more pictures as the plants progress. But so far, the outcomes have been excellent.

Finally, Andy and Mark were also busy being creative too. The first step was to build their own picture frame. Once made, they began collecting stones and wood and then with help from staff, arrange them into a beautiful picture. It has taken many weeks but as you can see from the results, it was well worth the effort. The arrangement of colours, shapes and textures is really good and not only will it will make a terrific addition to house, but it'll serve as a reminder that making something original is both stimulating and fun. Top job chaps!


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