Great Training

Any company worth it's salt will always be looking for ways to improve. At ILS we have plenty of mechanisms that enable us to do just that. And when it comes to our support staff, training is one area that usually delivers tangible improvements.

This week, we took the lion share of staff from one house and brought them together for a Total Communication (TC) course run by Hywel Dda's Speech and Language Therapy Unit. Because of the close proximity to our residential home, the community hall at Pisgah was our location, which served the purpose very well. As with most TC sessions, we like to have a service user in attendance. However, on this occasion it was all a bit too much for the individual involved and we reluctantly had to withdraw his participation.

The two big takeaways from this particular session were the reasons why it's good to use many different forms of communication, particularly with our client group, and signing. Sign language is probably an underused technique in our settings, so it was great to have Colin and Emma take us through some basic vocabulary and remind us that with a little practice it's both easy and helpful. Our challenge now is to see how much of it we can use during our day to day work.

We also have special projects lined up with regard to signing. One of our service users will be signing in front of a "green screen" as part of a film we're making. If it's successful, we'll no doubt do it again and again, thus reinforcing our commitment to communicating better and making the most from our great training.


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