Great Diversity

They say a picture says a thousand words. So with the Christmas season done for another year, we've been hoovering up photos from our phones. We'll use these in a variety of ways, not least for our latest internal newsletter.

Each residential service has a plethora of company-provided staff mobile phones. These are vital for communications when out in the community and also give us the ability to document activities. This is great for evidencing our work, providing transparency and preserving special moments in the lives of those we support. And by the looks of things, there were many outstanding achievements during November and December. Including John's chance encounter at the bottle bank, with the Presiding Officer of the National Welsh Assembly, Elin Jones.

Indeed, the range and breadth of activities is amazing. From mundane things like cooking and cleaning (which in themselves are quite an achievement), to exciting trips out and about, the diversity is self evident. When you bear in mind all activities are person-centred and designed to fit the capabilities and interests of our service users, it's clear we're doing something right.

The pictures in the slideshow provide a small glimpse. Our internal documents will allow us to expand upon this and share with pride so many of the pictures that staff have taken this winter, with service users, fellow staff members, service user family and friends, as well as our professional colleagues.

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