Good for the Constitution

Anyone on the autistic spectrum will know that a change of routine can sometimes be a real challenge. Naturally, we understand this and go to great efforts to make sure that when end of term holidays come around, Rhodri has lots of fun activities lined up. One such activity during the Easter break, was a trip to Aberystwyth with support workers Rik and Katie.

Getting off the bus in an excellent mood, Rhodri was more than happy to walk along the sea front taking in the sights, sounds and smells all around. Despite being overcast, the town wasn't busy and we were able to stroll unhurried right to the end of the promenade, stopping every so often to pose for a photo. Although Rhodri had been to Aberystwyth before, he'd never climbed up Constitution Hill and we were quick to remind him that this was great football fitness training in disguise! There were no complaints on the way up and after a few stops to admire the views we found ourselves at the top exploring the famous pinhole camera. Like us, Rhodri found the back to front controls a little awkward but it didn't take long to start spotting some of the towns landmarks. With the train still out of action, we chose a longer but gentler route back down the hill. Lunch was a planned picnic which Rhodri chose to eat in one of the promenade's pretty shelters over looking the sea.

The lunch break gave us the opportunity to discuss what to do before heading back to the bus. Castles and cafes won the vote and we set off past the university buildings up to the castle.

Rhodri enjoyed walking through the ruins and was somewhat relieved to find out the cannons wouldn't fire anymore. The statues on the war memorial provided plenty to talk about and of the course the views from this part of Aberystwyth are stunning - perfect for some great photography which Rhodri was very patient with. We then enjoyed walking back into town for a local cafe coffee. Refreshed and with a happy heart, the T1 back to Pencader was boarded and so brought to an end a super day out, with any 'change of routine' anxieties long forgotten.





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