Decorations Galore

A trip down to Mynyddygarreg this week found Staff and Service Users busy getting into the Christmas spirit.

With Angharad's infectious enthusiasm for all things Christmas, it didn't take much persuasion to get JJ and Adrian roped into making decorations. And what a fun couple of hours it turned out to be.

Armed with coloured card, paint, glue, scissors and glitter the stage was set for a creative session. The large dining room table provided the perfect setting for an arts and crafts afternoon and with Angharad's "how to make" book, the boys were let loose.

JJ drew and cut out shapes including robins, bells and Christmas trees, whilst Adrian was a wiz with the glue, paint and glitter. All under Angharad's watchful eye, before long the table was covered in wonderful decorations ready to be adorned throughout the house. Plans are afoot for further Christmassy arts and crafts sessions and we can't wait to see the final outcomes.

Needless to say, as we've repeated for the last few years, a prize will be given to the best decorated ILS house. Even though the competition will be keenly contested, it's the taking part and having a go that matters and in that spirit, all our houses will be winners this year.

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