Creative Juices

Art is often about communication, so it's not surprising to see our staff using their skills and experience to help our individuals express themselves and have fun.

This week Support Worker Alex's passion for creativity was exploited to the full as he took JJ and Adrian on a journey of discovery and learning which all started with YouTube. Being able to show the boys what the process they were about to undertake before they did it themselves was really useful. With videos watched, JJ and Adrian set about the first task which was to paint an entire canvas with blocks of acrylic paint. Alex patiently showed them how to blend the colours and after laying off the paint (a technical term learnt during our sessions with FAST) they were ready for stage two. This involved taking the canvases outside and drizzling them in washing up liquid. Using materials normally associated with something completely different certainly added interest and the boys enjoyed this process. Next they took a can of matt black spray paint and covered the entire canvas. That was the point when the artistic magic occurred and we could see the finished product.

High fives a plenty, lots of smiles and much discussion soon followed. Where to hang them was a hot topic. We're secretly hoping the boys will donate the art works to our new head office. This would enable JJ and Adrian's work to be seen by lots of people and would definitely add a touch of class to what is already an amazing space. That said, one couldn't complain if the boys wanted to hang their art on their own walls as they're truly something to be proud of.

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