Coronavirus Statement

A statement on the current Covid-19 situation from ILS Managing Director, Ann Bateman.

We would like to provide reassurance to everyone that we will be doing everything we can to ensure the safety of everyone who is a part of ILS during the Coronavirus outbreak. As senior managers we are having regular meetings to review what we are doing to minimise the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. I wanted to advise you of some of the proactive measures we are putting in place to achieve this. We are working with the guidelines published by Public Health Wales and working closely with commissioners, CIW and local authorities.

The steps ILS are taking are as follows:

Care Homes

  • All non-urgent visits to the homes are to be cancelled for the next 4 weeks at least
  • Public transport for service user travel will be avoided unless essential, and company cars will be used where there is a need for service users to get out and about.
  • Easy read information on coronavirus and infection control measures has been prepared for managers and we have encouraged staff to spend time with each of the service users going through it to ensure the best possible infection control practice.
  • Cross-working amongst staff in our homes will be avoided where possible to minimise the number of people coming into contact with each other
  • Inter-home activities have been suspended for at least the next 4 weeks. However events can be planned within the individual homes.
  • Activities to busy places / groups to stop for at least the next 4 weeks
  • All Homes are to be ‘deep cleaned’ by staff at least once per week.
  • All areas at head office and in the homes will be regularly sanitised and staff will continue to wash their hands in line with the published guidance. Personal protective equipment will also be worn in all settings as is usual practice.
  • All staff and urgent visitors are to wash their hands on entry to the building and at regular intervals throughout the day, especially around food preparation

Head Office

  • All Non-urgent visits to head office to be suspended with immediate effect for at least the next 4 weeks at which point it will be reviewed. This includes all staff and service users.
  • Cover at head office will be maintained so that calls and queries can be dealt with
  • We hope that we are able to utilise technology to allow some meetings to proceed remotely
  • Staff at head office are being encouraged to work from home as much as possible, but may also work at head office where there is a need
  • All classroom training for staff to be cancelled. Only online training to be undertaken so that staff skills can be maintained.
  • I am intending on working from home for the next 4 weeks, however I am contactable on my mobile phone should anyone wish to discuss any concerns

We want to reassure families and professionals that we will be doing everything we can to maintain the smooth running of our service, safely and in the interest of the people we support and our staff.

Ann Bateman

Managing Director


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