Birthday Bowls

Everyone likes to celebrate their birthdays in different ways. While some may like a quiet day without fuss, others like to mark the occasion by throwing a party or going out with friends and family. For Tom's birthday he fancied a trip to the bowling alley, so at 11am staff and service users from all our houses came together to help Tom celebrate his special day. 

It's always great when our houses get together and today was no exception. The atmosphere was relaxed and jovial with plenty of friendly banter. The Xcel staff couldn't have been more helpful and  refreshments were duly ordered with teas, coffees and cake being the order of the day. And so with eight service users participating, it meant we had two lanes running in tandem and a lovely communal spirit throughout the game.

As you can see from the slideshow, everyone had a great time and many strikes and spares were made. There was a winner, but this seemed overshadowed by the lovely spirit shown by everyone who took part; the support shown when anyone did well was terrific to see. And so after an hour or so of tremendous fun, everyone said their final birthday wishes to Tom and dispersed to carry on their day.



  1. Great to see everybody having such fun. Thank you so much for taking Tom and his many friends bowling and for capturing the experience .

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