A Ray of Sunshine

When there are so few community opportunities for adults with learning difficulties who have completed full time education to do, the Dyma Ni project in Aberaeron fills the gap brilliantly. For two days a week, this outstanding project helps a number of our service users gain valuable life skills and broaden their social acumen. This week we joined Rhodri and John to find out what it was all about.

Dyma Ni is a partnership project between RAY Ceredigion and Green Rocket Futures and today we had the pleasure of being at the RAY Ceredigion headquarters in Aberaeron. On arrival there was a warm welcome for everyone. Tea, coffee and cold drinks to hand, plenty of time was given for everyone to reacquaint themselves, with jigsaws and colouring activities for those with itchy fingers. Today's main task was to be making key rings, alongside making a bara brith for everyone to enjoy. Under the expert guidance of the wonderfully friendly volunteers, Rhodri was happy to get stuck in with the kitchen activities, and was even happy to wash up when the tins were in the oven.

That done, we headed for the beach in order to gather materials for our key rings. On such a beautiful day, it was no surprise everyone in the group took part and the commeradery between all present was clear to see. Needless to say, we took our time. Several members enjoyed wading in the sea, whilst others were happy to take photos while the wood gathering took place. An hour flew by in no time. Back at the RAY Ceredigion site, we sifted through the boxes and bags of collected materials in order to find the best specimens. That done, the creativity could begin. John enjoyed colouring his wood, while Rhodri had a go at wood burning using the equipment provided. Half an hour later some wonderful creations were completed and it was time again for tea and that home made bara brith. Delicious it was too! Finally there was still time for John to have a go on the go-kart while others played basketball. All in all a great day.

It was clear that our service users absolutely love coming. Because it's well run, safe and friendly, everything is setup for success and with the hugely positive outcomes obvious for all to see, we hope it continues for a long time to come.

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