A Nailed On Winner

Pleasant surroundings? Check. Good company? Check. Great outcome? Check. That's a neat summary of a fantastic afternoon spent in Salon Eleri, Carmarthen.

Supported by deputy manager Eleanor, Amanda was booked in to have her finger nails done. And by 'done', we mean the most wonderful care and attention to detail, resulting in a beautiful outcome. It's no wonder Amanda enjoys coming. Salon staff member Lorraine was extremely patient and was happy to explain each step of the process. This involved removing any previous nail polish, after which several layers of varnish were applied. Amanda chose a new colour and it was all set within the little UV machine. With delightful chat that Amanda was happy to join in with, time seemed to stand still. And before we knew it, ten sparkly nails emerged.

In a couple of weeks Amanda will be back again to have her toe nails given a similar treatment. And if it's anything like today, she'll be leaving with confidence and a happy heart. We call that a nailed on winner!

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