A Heartfelt Thank You

Never more than now have two little words meant so much.

Last week we had a correspondence from Andrew Morris, father of Tom, who lives in residential care with ILS. We were so touched by his thank you, that we thought we should share it with you.

"Just to let you know that myself and the whole family gave you all a rousing applause at 8 last night.

We really appreciate the work you do and the professional and loving care you give to Tom and his friends.

The NHS do a fantastic job but you and all the great people who work in the care profession do too but are sometimes overlooked which is a great shame.

Thanks for everything and you have our complete admiration and gratitude."

Needless to say, all of us at ILS get a huge lift when we read such things. It really means the world to us. So a heartfelt thank you to you Andrew Morris and all the families who have written to us to express your support. As Gillian, Tom's house manager put it

"Morale remains high and there has been a lot of laughter in the house which has had a positive effect on all the service users, and as you can imagine Tom is lapping it up. I am very proud of the team here."

Stay well everyone.

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