A Birthday Message

This week saw the birthday of one of our residential care service users. However, because John has been isolating with his parents since the beginning of the lock-down in March, we were unable to do all our usual birthday activities in person. Undeterred by this minor setback, our staff team decided to send John a birthday message.

Under the expert guidance of our deputy house manager, Eleanor, and after many weeks of planning, all the staff featured in a beautiful video message. Singing 'happy birthday' in English and Welsh, everyone, including the service users bravely made an appearance, so John would remember all his friends and carers and hopefully put a smile on his face. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that underneath the banner writing, everyone painted a flower. We've screen captured a few of these for your pleasure. They are all wonderfully creative and clearly everyone had heaps of fun putting it all together.

Thanks to some nifty jiggery-pokery from Eleanor, we're delighted to show a redacted version here (that complies with safeguarding orders). We can report that John and his family have watched the video and it was well received.

So from everyone at ILS, we hope John's birthday was filled with joy and we look forward to being together again soon.

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