Great Timing

Sometimes timing is everything. At ILS, our staff teams are well organised, so when an out-loud sing-song is required, it makes sense to try and do it when the home is quiet. And this is exactly what we found this week in Plwmp. So with the ground floor to ourselves, there was no problem setting up YouTube in the lounge and whacking up the volume.

Barrie loves a good tune and has an eclectic music taste. With this in mind, he chose a few Vera Lynn tunes as well as The Beatles and for half an hour we had a lovely nostalgic time. Searching YouTube for songs with 'lyrics' in the search box is really useful too. This means staff can sing along to unfamiliar songs and we can help Barrie with key words, signing and using body gestures. Not content with just singing, we then introduced a bag of percussion instruments. We have a lovely mix of instruments to choose between; from instruments that can play a tune like the glockenspiel to crashy, bangy ones like cymbals and drums. We laid them all out on the floor and Barrie chose the triangle. He was then able to tap to the pulse of the music and for a few minutes quite a cacophony of sound could be heard intermingled with lots of laughter.

Asked if we could come back and do it again next week, Barrie simply beamed!


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