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It’s Spring

After what has seemed like an endless winter, spring is officially here. The clocks are going forward, the temperature is rising and our gardens are beginning to come alive again. At our services, this means time to dust off the gardening tools. Many of our individuals have green fingers, so it doesn’t take much persuasion […]

Painting Pottery

The first thing you notice when you park up at Gwilli Pottery are the stunnings views. We were really lucky to have chosen a sunny day to visit this charming location and the boys were happy to take in the vista for a few minutes and have their photos taken. A short walk up some […]

Birthday Bowls

Everyone likes to celebrate their birthdays in different ways. While some may like a quiet day without fuss, others like to mark the occasion by throwing a party or going out with friends and family. For Tom’s birthday he fancied a trip to the bowling alley, so at 11am staff and service users from all […]

Great Timing

Sometimes timing is everything. At ILS, our staff teams are well organised, so when an out-loud sing-song is required, it makes sense to try and do it when the home is quiet. And this is exactly what we found this week in Plwmp. So with the ground floor to ourselves, there was no problem setting […]

Intensive Interaction

As part of a wide ranging and person-centred set of weekly activities, a number of our service users benefit from Intensive Interaction sessions. These can form part of a ‘total communications’ approach that has positive outcomes in the well being of those we support. From flash cards (pictured above with John and Nina), to board […]

Good Luck Daphne!

This week we said goodbye (but not farewell) to Daphne who is taking her maternity leave to have her second child. The office staff took the opportunity to wish Daphne all the best by throwing a surprise lunchtime ‘jelly and ice cream’ party. The look on Daphne’s face – priceless!